Architectural Metal,banisters,Steel,fabricated metal products, doors, handrails fitter /Assembler

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Patalpinta: 2012-06-10
Prieš 115 mėn
Sritis: Montuotojas surinkėjas
Skelbimo Nr: 44227
Hi, I am 34 years young, promising man, I'm currently in Lithuania, but looking for a job in London, plan to move permanently to live.
I have eight years experience in the installer, your work with rails, stairs, roofs, tin, wooden armrests, stainless steel products. Also montage doors and windows. I worked with all the holes for drilling tools.
Looking for permanent or long contract work.
If you are interested in my description, I will wait for further e-mail, I will be able to send their CV's recommendations.
In the past I have been to London, I have a CSCS card with photo, UTR number, bank account.
I come to London during the week of our agreement on the job.

Best regards,